PR gurus settle down in Harlem Valley

Susan Bang + Emily Collins of Bang + Collins Public Relations

Susan Bang (left) and Emily Collins are collectively Bang + Collins Public Relations, new Pine Plains-based firm ready to serve the unique needs of local businesses.

PINE PLAINS – Bang + Collins, a new public relations agency based out of Pine Plains, is offering that extra “oomph” to local businesses in the area.

The two partners, Susan Bang and Emily Collins, both have ties to northeastern Dutchess County. Bang has had a weekend residence in Shekomeko for the past 15 years before recently moving to the village of Millerton, and Collins was raised in Millbrook, where she attended high school, and now lives full time in Shekomeko.

Both also have extensive public relations experience. Bang’s resume includes both large corporate companies like L’Oreal Paris and Procter & Gamble, as well as smaller firms specializing in tourism and home furnishings. Collins worked with Bang at that smaller firm before turning to marine conservation work in southern Florida for several years.

Both were attracted to the burgeoning business scene in the area and hope to enable local businesses to take the extra step and capitalize on the “incredible things happening in this region,” said Bang.

“In 15 short years there’s been a real shift in population,” she continued. “There are so many artisans and entrepreneurs here now, and we hope they want to think a little more broadly in how they want to promote themselves.”

“Small communities are on the map now,” Collins pointed out. “A lot of businesses realize that it’s been tough, and they need to be really well-positioned.”

The two business partners said they are open to working with any local business owners and that each shop or restaurant in the area is unique in the way of promotion. Whether it’s maintenance of websites or organizing events and sales, Collins said her firm will assist in “just about everything,” and that they look to target “what is it about your business that’s unique.”

Since opening in May, Bang + Collins has built a variety of clientele, including the Kate Carty clothing boutique in Millerton, the Stissing House restaurant in Pine Plains and The Millbrook Independent newspaper company.

“We’ve been very busy this summer,” Collins said happily.

Bang + Collins operates out of its home offices in Shekomeko and Millerton. The firm can be reached at (518) 771-3003. Visit or e-mail the PR firm [here].

“There really is such a sense of pride in the community here,” Bang added about the possibilities for the Harlem Valley. “Millerton should really be considered a model of what a community can do to grow and develop in a respectful way.”

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Story [and photo] by Cory Allyn, The Millerton News